R Motivation


RM- Consulting

RM-Consulting, services small businesses through positive energy leadership practices and building strong teams within organizations.  We pride ourselves on our ability to strengthen teams, shift organizational energy and increase overall team productivity. We believe that a successful business is contingent on the strength of its mission, values, culture and leadership.  


RM- Coaching

RM-Coaching, aims to have a positive impact in the lives of working women wrestling to find balance in every aspect of their lives.  Women who wear different hats, trying to perfect each roles while unconsciously losing themselves. Women who continuously put the needs of others ahead of their own.  Women who are consumed with their work while allowing other aspect of their lives to suffer. The wife, the partner, the mother, the child, the caretaker, the business owner, the entrepreneur, the executive, the primary caregiver, the driven, the inspiring, the stay at home mom,  are the women that we service. Our coaching services will help you find balance by teaching you to connect with your inner rhythm, by learning to shift your energy, by mastering personal time management, by honoring you and to begin to live abundantly in every aspect of your life.

Coach Rachelle Inspires, Uplifts, Impacts, and Motivates working women to connect with their inner rhythm by shifting their energy and live an abundant life.


RM- Mentoring

RM-Mentoring inspires and motivates the upcoming generations of young girls adolescent and young adults to identify their source of inspiration, to connect with that which brings them joy, fulfillment, and help them make positive decisions regarding their future. We focus on tools that will assist them in recognizing their life’s purpose (exploring their dreams and aspiration, intentions writing and goals setting). We encourage them to plan their career path to the extent of their potential, and not
limit themselves to the false idea that it’s not possible. In turn, we believe that they will be better prepared to enter into the new chapter of their lives and start believing in their potential and ability to achieve greatness.