R Motivation

Why I rebranded…

It started with a conscious decision to walk my talk. I will fully and unapologetically live the life that I am destined to live! I declared. I will step out on fear and take a leap of faith, by refining my craft and live my Truth!! I exclaimed.

It became more and more clear that the year 2019 would be a year of breakthrough for me, In fact I called it #breakthrough2019.

Upon this realization, I’ve realigned myself with my values, reacquainted with my purpose, clarified my vision and refined my goals. Without a doubt I entered a spiritual space with deep soul searching.

I gained clarity and jumped both feet in with a laser beam focus. Rebranding was a
must for me, as a new version of myself had emerged. So, here I am a more skilled,
knowledgeable, confident ,strong, compassionate, humble and loving me.

I can confidently say I am a master of my craft.